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The Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) is in the process of updating the open burning provisions of the air pollution and solid waste management rules. The proposed changes will eliminate the current open burning exemption that allows the burning of household trash, including plastics, rubber, paper, shingles, treated wood, and other rubbish. This means that after April 1, 2011 the exemption that allows residents to burn their trash will no longer exist and it will become illegal to open bum residential trash under state regulations. Click on the link below for more information.

Download the DNRE Proposed Amendments to Open Burning Regulations

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Information About the Lake City Area Fire Department


The community of Lake City established the Lake City Fire Department in 1915 to provide fire protection services to citizens of their community. In late December 2009, the City of Lake City along with Lake Township decided to restructure the fire department for their respective jurisdictions, as a result a joint venture between these two entities was formed and the NEW Lake City Area Fire Department was developed.

The Lake City Area Fire Department was up and running on April 1, 2010. The new department recruited and obtained a Fire Chief, Officer Staff, seventeen fully trained Firefighters, equipment and apparatus in less than four months time! The new department purchased a quick attack 2009 Pierce 1250 gpm pumper demo, a 1986 E-One 1510 gprn heavy attack pumper from another department which came with twenty seven Scott 2.5 SCBA's with composite bottles. The department was able to secure a 2004 fuel tanker from Federal Surplus through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment
(MDNRe) which was converted into a 3,800 gallon water tender. The department also secured one 5/4 ton pick-up and a 2 1/2 ton truck from Federal Surplus for the purpose of building a heavy and light brush trucks.


Coverage Area:

Our jurisdiction consists of thirty-eight square miles and several lakes and rivers. We have two communities that we serve, the City of Lake City and Lake Township. Within Lake Township is the community of Jennings. Our coverage area is comprised of rural residential, commercial, agricultural, forest, and mixed uses.


Services Provided:


Department Motto and Goals:

The Lake City Area Fire Department motto is to serve and protect our community from all types of emergency and non-emergency calls to the best of our ability.  Lake City Area Fire Department's goal is to be a progressive department, compliant with all standards, and available for deployment at any time and to any location. We take pride in our community and its residents and we commit to our citizens a timely response to anyone in need of our services whether it is an emergency or non-emergency call for assistance. Our membership is comprised of dedicated firefighters who are proactive in their training and community service.